Kale crisps

Inspired by My New Roots adapted from all over the net.

My 3 year old son doesn't like most vegetables. My boyfriend is not better – his favorite veg is bacon, as he says. It is a real drama for a mom who tries to feed her family healthy. I have no choice but to play food tricks and smuggle greens into my boys’ diet.
Kale is well worth smuggling! It is off the charts when it comes to nutrients. It’s the best green in terms of antioxidants. Not surprisingly, kale has been linked to preventing cancer. It is a real superfood we all should be eating regularly. And now the kale season is approaching!

Parsnip puree

Adapted from Skye Gyngell book A Year in My Kitchen

My man came back from the hunt the other day, proudly bringing a huge (4,5 kg) hare. Perfect timing, as just in a few days was our son’s third birthday! For that occasion I made the tastiest Skye Gyngell’s inspired "Hare pancetta and verjuice" dish accompanied by the humble yet heavenly parsnip puree.

Unfortunately, I was way too busy that day to document all this fancy hare-cooking. Next time he brings a bunny-rabbit or a hare I will photograph and describe the whole process through (from skinning and cleaning to the final presentation on the plate). Yes!

Nonetheless, puree was so delicious and so simple to make, that I started to prepare it as a side dish in my everyday cooking. With its sweet and nutty flavor this puree does go beautifully with rabbit or hare. But it also works with slow-cooked chicken dishes or simple grilled meats. It is very convenient side dish as it can be prepared ahead of time and reheated before serving.